Rampage Bloodsport Assisted Opening Stiletto Knife


Bloodsport is not for the faint of heart. It's savage and punishing. Fittingly, so is the "Bloodsport" Stiletto Pocket Knife from Rampage. Packed with deathly serious muscle and menacing style, it's both impressive to behold and capable in the field. Assisted opening action combined with a unique dimpled handle grip make it a pleasure to wield, as well - through even the most punishing use. Unlike many traditional stilettos, the innovative Bloodsport is purpose-built for the unique tactical, survival and everyday challenges of the modern era. This is a stiletto you'll actually use - an ideal everyday carry, whether you pass the time practicing intense bloodsports or simply need a reliable way to tackle day-to-day cutting tasks. Order the Rampage Bloodsport Stiletto today, and let the games begin...
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List Price: $29.00