Black Legion Jungle Hunter Canehook Machete with Nylon Sheath


Boasting multiple razor sharp edges, the unusual profile of Black Legion's Jungle Hunter Canehook Machete affords it unrivaled versatility - ideal for backyard pruning, clearing trails through the wilderness and every task in between. Clearing a grassy meadow or tall patch of weeds can be infuriatingly slow and exhausting with an ordinary machete, as the tenacious fibrous grasses slide off long straight, blades before the edge can properly cleave them. The Jungle Hunter's hooked blade prevents this, allowing fine grasses and other flexible, fibrous materials to be slashed efficiently. More than just a hand-held "weed eater," however, the Jungle Hunter's robust main blade is perfect for chopping wood, hacking away brush and a vast range of other chores, while the bitter serrated spine makes quick work of especially dense hardwood, cord, rope and other challenging materials. Engineered for harsh conditions and tough environments, the Jungle Hunter’s impeccable weight distribution and to
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