Honshu Boshin Hellfire Damascus Handmade Wakizashi Sword


A modern legend, the Honshu Boshin Hellfire Damascus Wakizashi fuses proven, time-honored tradition with the best in 21st century innovation. Chic contemporary style and state-of-the-art appointments meld seamlessly with classic form and traditional hand-craftsmanship. Even the Damascus steel - a distinctive hand forged variety with centuries-old roots - is reimagined and reworked for an exciting new look: the boldly hued "Hellfire Damascus Steel." Trading delicate, traditional trappings like ray skin and cord for tough, ultramodern materials like TPR, the Boshin is designed for serious, real-world use. It's remarkably well-balanced and an all-around pleasure to wield, and it boasts savage cutting power that's second to none. The imposing wakizashi blade is rock-solid and impossibly sharp, slicing cleanly through rolled tatami mats, thick bamboo and other tenacious materials – suffering neither crack nor fissure in the process. Breathtaking, downright bewitching and truly unique, the b
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