USMC Desert Pocket Knife and Bowie Knife Set


Rugged mountains. Dense jungles. Endless steppes. No matter the environment, no matter the locale, with the USMC Desert Pocket Knife and Bowie Set leading the way, you can pierce the impenetrable, hack apart the indestructible and cleave through the indivisible, just like a Marine. This powerhouse set boasts myriad capabilities and affords numerous cutting options via two capable knives - a hefty fixed blade bowie and a versatile pocket knife. Each knife features a razor sharp 420 stainless steel blade with a rugged stonewashed coating and a heavy duty molded polymer handle, carefully formed to give you an ergonomic feel that’s second to none. The bowie has a 9" clip point blade that is sharp and robust, and it has potent serrations on its spine. This craggy sawback is perfect for ripping through tough materials like wood and rope fiber. The pocket knife offers one-handed operation and the ability to tackle a wide range of jobs, from fine detail work to tough carving and clean slicing.
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List Price: $54.00