The officially licensed USMC Colossal Heritage Stiletto Pocket Knife combines all the wicked ferocity of the iconic stiletto with the classic styling of the iconic combat fixed blade knife, first carried by Marines in WWII. And this impressively supersized “Colossal” version packs even more punch than the original USMC Heritage Stiletto, with its menacingly enlarged blade and beefed up overall dimensions! Its potent 5” 420 stainless steel blade features a sleek spear point profile and adds a distinctive blood groove and bold non-reflective black coating. Offsetting the blade’s matte black finish, the famous USMC seal is carefully laser etched in white next to the razor sharp edge. The blade deploys with incredible speed, thanks to the smooth assisted opening mechanism - easily triggered with the handy flipper. Cast from an advanced aluminum alloy, the stiletto’s handle is crafted to look just like the historic USMC combat fighter knife’s emblematic stacked leather handle.
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