Shikoto Hidden Samurai Katana And Scabbard


The Shikoto Hidden Samurai Katana was inspired by and is worthy of the warrior who fights in the shadows - the Ninja hidden in the night. It was hand-forged by a master swordsmith using the same time-tested techniques as their forefathers. The sword has a keenly sharp, clay-tempered 27 1/4” T10 carbon steel burned blade, which extends from a brass habaki and a brass Samurai tsuba. The hardwood handle is wrapped in genuine, tea-colored rayskin and brown cord and features brass dragon menuki and a brass pommel. The 39 1/2” overall katana slides smoothly into a black, lacquered wooden scabbard with brown cord-wrap accent. Also included with the Shikoto Hidden Samurai Katana is a certificate of authenticity with forging specifications, signed by the master swordsmith who crafted the blade.
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