Honshu Historic Forge 14th Century Double Fuller Sword


The Honshu Historic Forge 14th Century Double Fuller Sword is a true testament to the craftsmanship and historical accuracy demanded by sword enthusiasts. This sword features an authentic 14th century design, with a double fuller, making it a highly sought-after piece for collectors, reenactors, and martial arts practitioners. With its 26 1/2" Carbon Steel Blade, this sword combines exceptional strength and durability. The 3 1/4" forward point of balance from the hilt allows for precise control and fluid strikes. The brown leather wrapped handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, allowing for optimal handling and maneuverability. The circular pommel and oversized crossguard not only enhance the sword's aesthetic appeal but also offer added style and protection during combat or training. This Sword features a double-edged blade.
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