Honshu 1917 Hybrid Cutlass


Whether you're a collector, enthusiast, or simply appreciate exceptional craftsmanship, this sword is sure to capture your attention. Designed with both form and function in mind, this hybrid cutlass is equipped with a twisted black metal basket guard. Not only does it add a touch of style, but it also offers excellent hand protection, ensuring your safety during use. Crafted using premium materials, the sword features a dark wooden handle that complements the overall aesthetic. The cutlass-style black carbon steel blade is not only visually impressive but also highly functional, ready to tackle various cutting tasks. To complete the package, the Honshu 1917 Hybrid Cutlass includes a black leather sheath with a metal tip. This sheath not only provides a secure and stylish way to store your sword but also ensures safe transportation. With a commanding 25 1/2” blade, this cutlass demands attention and respect.
List Price: $349.00

In Stock: Yes