Dune House Atreides Sculpted Mug


On the storm-swept rainworld of Caladan, House Atreides stands as a noble family whose power has always been tempered by mercy. For generations of Atreides that power was passed down from elder to child, a Great House led by rulers of sincerity, loyalty and compassion. This officially licensed Dune mug pays homepage to the unique style of Arakais with its geometric design. It is composed of sculpted polyresin and each mug is delicately hand painted to achieve immaculate detail. One side of the mug shows an intricate sandworm design and sculptural relief based upon the mural seen in the film. The opposite side of the mug features the hawk emblem of the House Atreides crest on an elegant dark green background. This symbolizes both a connection to the evergreen mountain forests of their homeland, but also the noble predatory bird of a family who can be as deadly as they are watchful. The interior of the mug is composed of a stainless steel liner.
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