Night Watchman Sword Cane


The Night Watchman Sword Cane combines elegance and self-defense in one discreet and formidable package. Crafted as a black sword cane with a rounded top, this unique piece is designed to be both stylish and functional. With a textured handle, this cane ensures a secure and comfortable grip. Whether you're using it for stability while walking or as a self-defense tool, you can trust in its reliability. For enhanced stability, the Night Watchman Sword Cane features a rubber no-slip foot. You can move with confidence, knowing you won't lose your footing. What sets this sword cane apart is its hidden blade. The black cane shaft seamlessly conceals a powerful 22 3/4" carbon steel blade, ready to be deployed for self-defense when needed. Its discreet appearance ensures that it won't draw attention until it's time to act. With an impressive total length of 35 3/8 inches, the Night Watchman Sword Cane strikes the perfect balance between discretion and imposing presence.
List Price: $147.00

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