Honshu Viking Sword


Elevate your collection with the Honshu Viking Sword, a masterpiece of craftsmanship and design. This exceptional sword measures 38.5 inches in total length, featuring a formidable 5mm thick 1060 carbon steel blade with a mesmerizing, polished finish. Inspired by Viking aesthetics, the Honshu Viking Sword showcases an intricately detailed pommel and hilt. Crafted with precision, the black textured handle provides a secure and comfortable grip, ensuring a firm hold even in the heat of battle. The Honshu Viking Sword is complemented by a wooden scabbard boasting a semi-gloss black finish, enhancing its overall appeal. The scabbard also includes a black leather frog, adding both functionality and a touch of authenticity to this remarkable sword.
List Price: $389.00

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