When the mission calls for nothing but excellence, trust in the precision-engineered USMC Commando Bowie. This tactical masterpiece features an 8 1/2-inch blade, meticulously designed for precision and reliability. Crafted from two-toned 3Cr13 stainless steel, the blade is impervious to harsh conditions, ensuring it remains a steadfast companion in mission success. With four strategically placed weight-reduction holes, this 15-inch knife ensures easy carry without compromising its unyielding strength. Its partial serrated sawback is great for cutting through rope and other thick materials that stand in your way. The sub hilt on the handle delivers a secure grip, allowing you to maintain precise control and stability during critical operations. The rugged polypropylene handle provides an unwavering grip, regardless of wet or high-stress situations, promising unmatched durability. This Bowie comes with a black nylon sheath for quick and stealthy access.
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