Gil Hibben

About Gil Hibben

As the creator of some of the most widely recognized knives in the industry today, Gil Hibben’s knowledge and more than 55 years of experience are unprecedented in the world of custom knifemaking. He is the creator of the popular Rambo™ III bowie and Rambo IV machete, each specially made for the Sylvester Stallone films, and knives for other Hollywood productions and personalities, such as John Wayne, Elvis Presley, Steve McQueen, and Steven Seagal. He created the Klingon blades for the “Star Trek Experience” in Las Vegas and is the “Official Klingon Armourer” for Paramount Pictures.

Gil produced knives for our servicemen to use in Vietnam and his firsthand experience as an Alaskan hunting guide, a throwing knife expert, and a sixth degree black belt in Kenpo Karate have contributed to his creating some of the most popular knives of the 20th Century. Mr. Hibben was inducted into the Knife Throwers Hall of Fame in October 2003.

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Kit Rae

About Kit Rae

Kit Rae is one of the foremost fantasy/collectible weapon designers in the industry with a worldwide following for his unique weapon designs and fantasy art. Images from a hidden world of dreams and nightmares inspire this line of edged creations, exclusively manufactured by United Cutlery. Since 1984 Kit's fantasy knives and swords have appeared in numerous films and television shows and have spawned the creation of a huge collectible market worldwide for fantasy weapons that has generated numerous imitators. His most well-known creation is the world renowned, best selling Swords of the Ancients collection. All of Kit’s edged fantasy weapons include a companion print of his fantastic artwork and a mythology about each weapon.

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Mikkel Willumsen

About Wes Hibben

Wesley Hibben has been making knives since he was eight years old, having learned the craft of knifemaking from his father, Hall of Fame knifemaker Gil Hibben. Hibben makes a variety of knives including fantasy, hunting and tactical knives. Hibben spends his time knifemaking and teaching Kenpo Karate in Anchorage, Alaska. Renown for his survival skills and tactics, Wesley Hibben brings his talents and real life experience as an avid hunter and fisherman in Alaska to his exclusive knife designs. Hibben's designs are quickly becoming recognized on the market today.

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