Officially Licensed Dune Crysknife Of Paul Atreides

Moultrie, GA – (July 22, 2021)

Officially Licensed Dune Crysknife Of Paul Atreides

MOULTRIE – Established in 1984, for more than 30 years United Cutlery has been distinguished by unique and innovative product designs that cover a wide range of knives and swords, from functional to fantasy. Early in the company’s history, a distinctive product segment was developed based on movie replica cutlery products. Now, an industry leader in fine movie reproductions, United Cutlery has meticulously crafted an authentically detailed replica of the Crysknife wielded by Paul Atreides in Legendary Pictures’ sci-fi epic “Dune.”

The Crysknife is the traditional and sacred weapon of the Fremen, the desert warriors of Arrakis. Crafted from razor-sharp sandworm teeth collected in a Fremen rite of passage, the ornate carved blade is etched with intricate glyphs and patterns, making each Crysknife unique and personal to those who have earned the honor of unsheathing it.

United Cutlery’s replica knife is an exact reproduction of the actual filming prop used in the movie and is expertly crafted of high-quality polyresin with precisely-molded details, rich coloring and a metallic finish on the handle. The stunning reproduction can be displayed on its polystone wall display, which is sculpted in the form of the hawk sigil of House Atreides. A certificate of authenticity is also included with the Crysknife of Paul Atreides to assure customers of its value and officially licensed status.

“As always, a commitment to quality craftsmanship remains our top priority with each item,” said Clint Kadel, CEO of United Cutlery.

Often imitated, but never exceeded, United Cutlery strives to make knives and swords to the highest standards in the industry, with superior value, quality and performance.

The officially licensed Crysknife of Paul Atreides will be available soon for presale at select United Cutlery dealers.